Automate Across Multi-Cloud Networks with Itential

Meet growing demand for cloud networking services and enable network engineers and cloud architects to automate across multi-cloud networks.

Break Down Barriers Between Network & Cloud Teams

As businesses continue to expand toward leveraging cloud infrastructure, networking teams are propelled into needing to know how to provision and configure networking across not only disparate on-prem physical network infrastructure but also cloud network environments such as VPCs and VNets. There is a specialized skill set and a steep learning curve for connecting multiple types of devices, to multiple cloud environments that is not satisfied by manual provisioning. This complex challenge causes network management, application performance and compliance issues. Multi-cloud management highlights the need to adopt cloud constructs and drives network automation by providing a programmable network.

Governance Over Cloud Network Infrastructure

Networking teams have more responsibility for cloud-based network infrastructure than ever, which brings along some new challenges. Existing tools that work for managing the configurations of physical network devices do not work with API-driven cloud network services and networking teams no longer have exclusive control over the network infrastructure that’s deployed across different cloud platforms.


Itential’s Configuration Manager application enables networking teams to manage configuration and enable compliance for both CLI and API based network infrastructure. Cloud platforms have robust API methods for creating and managing network infrastructure, but testing this infrastructure against a defined standard is a challenge for networking teams. Configuration Manager enables teams to build Golden Configuration standards that can use cloud API methods to ensure cloud networking services are in compliance.

Accelerate Multi-Cloud Network Automation

By leveraging the right automation platform that can provide end-to-end automation through an API-first approach, connecting various domains to IT systems and platforms, both Cloud and Network teams can collaborate together to automate the Network of Clouds.


The Itential Automation Platform is API first. Our vendor-agnostic solution connects to anything and acts as an aggregated network API, federating functionality and data from existing northbound and southbound systems, including controllers, orchestrators and network management tools.


Itential provides a number of pre-built automations that customers can leverage to rapidly adopt automation for specific use cases.

  • AWS VPC Creation – Itential’s pre-built automations for AWS VPC Creation enables users of the Itential Automation Platform to leverage our integration to AWS to create a virtual private cloud. The pre-built automation allows users to select the desired size of the VPC by specifying the CIDR block size, as well as specify a list of public and private subnets to create within the VPC. All this is achieved without a user having to log in to AWS.
  • Virtual Private Cloud Network Automation – Itential’s pre-built automation for VPC network management provides an interactive form that allows user to select region and provide customer information for VPC creation and creates a custom VPC that contains networking components such as subnets, route tables & internet gateway. Automation also performs pre and postchecks on existing VPCs to capture current and post creation state.

Itential’s Integrated Approach to Network Automation

Itential’s Automation Platform is an easy to use, scalable and feature-rich network automation solution for physical, virtual, and cloud networks. Itential is a vendor-agnostic solution that seamlessly connects disparate systems such as IT Service Management, inventory, analytics, and orchestration tools for end-to-end and closed-loop network automation capabilities.

  • Robust Integration Ecosystem – Extend automations beyond the network by providing a single, aggregated network API that connects other tools within your IT ecosystems like ticketing, change management, inventory and monitoring tools. Itential provides an open library of out of the box Adapters to all systems as well as provides the ability to build your own with our Adapter Builder.
  • Expand Automation Participation – Enable network engineers, software developers, IT operations & cloud teams to participate in network automation through low-code, drag-and-drop environment & built-in network intelligence.
  • Bring Your Own Automation – Integrate existing automation efforts and transform scripts into APIs for use in network automation workflows within Itential’s Automation Platform.
  • Intelligent Automation Engine – Network Automation requires loosely coupling of a variety of tasks in a predetermined process based on the activities required to manage a network. Itential’s workflow automation capabilities supports automation across the most complex service provider and enterprise class networks.