On-Demand Webinar

Supercharge Ansible for Networking with Itential

As companies continue to shift toward agile, DevOps management practices to enable digital transformation, it’s critical that the teams and tooling that support their IT infrastructure are also evolving.

Red Hat Ansible for Networking is a powerful tool for automating network configuration changes and is becoming one of the most popular tools for networking teams across the globe. However, for network engineers who do not focus on application script development, leveraging Ansible may be a challenge.

The Itential for Red Hat Ansible solution makes using Ansible easier by providing built-in network intelligence and a low-code development interface, enabling users without deep network engineering or script development backgrounds to accelerate their organization’s movement toward a software-driven network operations practice.

In this on-demand webinar we explore:

  • How to accelerate network automation activities with Itential for Ansible
  • How to expand the capabilities and use cases of Ansible automation to Networking
  • How to apply DevOps principles to NetOps; enabling network engineering and IT operations teams to create and execute network automation capabilities without writing code.



Chris Wade

Karan Munalingal
Senior Solutions Architect