Data Sheet

Itential for Red Hat Ansible Automation

Red Hat®Ansible® for Networking is a powerful tool for automating network configuration changes and is becoming one of the most popular tools for networking teams across the globe. Itential makes using Ansible even easier to use by providing built-in network intelligence and low-code development interfaces.

The Itential for Red Hat Ansible solution includes a rich set of features, purpose-built to enhance and expand Ansible’s network automation capabilities.

In this data sheet learn how:

  • The Itential Automation Platform accelerates and simplifies the use of Ansible for Network Automation by providing a set of standardized APIs as a front-end to Ansible Playbooks, Modules, and Roles and even custom-built scripts.
  • Itential’s enhanced network automation supports Ansible Tower’s single pane of glass across DevOps, App Dev and NetOps teams
  • Enable your next-generation, agile network engineering and operations teams to lead you toward your digital future.