Analyst Report

[MarketsandMarkets™] Network Automation Global Forecast to 2025

The performance and reliability of networks have become the foundation of enterprises. The role that networks play in business processes and efficiencies is increasing every day, and with this positive correlation, the dynamic business needs are increasing the size and complexity of networks. To meet the growing and exceedingly digital network needs, MarketsandMarkets™ predicts the network automation market will grow from USD 2.9 billion in 2020 to 8.9 billion by 2025.

As companies are moving toward digital transformation, there are many factors that are affecting the growth of network automation including an increase in network traffic and cloud infrastructure, a rising adoption of connected devices and virtual and software-defined infrastructure, and a surge in human error rates causing network downtime.

In this report from MarketsandMarkets, they evaluated 14 network automation companies and named Itential as the leading provider of intelligent, multi-domain network automation software for both enterprises and service providers operating worldwide. Download this report to learn more about the drivers affecting the growth of the network automation market and how Itential is best positioned to help its customers achieve competitive advantages and accelerate initiatives through intelligent automation.

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