Light Reading and Itential to Host Webinar: Top 10 Reasons Network Automation Projects Fail

Industry experts provide actionable guidance on how to overcome challenges on the path to implementing and optimizing network automation

Over the last decade, cloud technology leaders have redefined infrastructure operations paradigms to manage large-scale ecosystems with a high degree of automation. Today, these same principles can be applied to network management, moving beyond basic scripting and modeling to greater programmability that leverages analytics and AI.

With the rapid growth in data traffic, networking technologies and complex workloads, engineers are under constant pressure to evolve their networks and ensure they meet demands. To address these ever-increasing needs, many network professionals have started down the road to network automation, but some are still considering their first steps. Both groups face a long list of challenges as they establish and maintain an automated network that fulfills business demands for change and innovation.

This webinar will address the top 10 challenges network operations teams face when automating for the first time or when increasing and optimizing their existing automation efforts. The presenters will provide expert tips on how to identify and overcome these challenges ​while simplifying management of a wide range of network automation tools and orchestrators.

In this session, attendees will learn how to:

  • Overcome short-term thinking that can lead to an undesirable hodgepodge of network tools
  • Develop an agile process around network automation
  • Match the right networking tool to the job
  • Create organizational alignment to ensure developers build tools that operations teams want and need
  • Optimize planning processes and ensure they support long-term success factors without over-engineering for the unknown
  • Ensure CSPs have the right skillsets and appropriate team structure in place
  • Maximize the potential of network automation technology

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