Networking Field Day 21

Itential Company Introduction & Products Overview

Chris Wade, Co-Founder and CTO, introduces Itential, which provides network automation software for multi-domain networks, enabling enterprise and service provider organizations to simplify and accelerate network automation. In this session, he presents the origins of Itential and introduces the core product architecture and portfolio.

Itential Automation Platform: Integration, Abstraction, & Federation

Anand Sanghani, Solution Engineer, presents the integration, abstraction, and federation capabilities of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP). In this session, Anand gives an overview of IAP including Itential’s rich adapter ecosystem, how users can bring their own automation with Automation Gateway and the benefits of the architecture.

Itential Automation Platform: Network Applications

Alex Degitz, Product Manager, presents Itential’s Network Applications, which simplify the operations, configuration, service orchestration and policy management of complex multi-domain networks. In this session, Alex demo’s Itential’s Automation Studio for designing, building and running network automations.

Network Infrastructure as Code

Michael Wymer, VP of Engineering, presents Itential’s view of Network Infrastructure as Code, and how the Itential Automation Platform enables organizations to drive network programmability. In this sessionMichael will demo how to combine network automation logic with software principles to support a network infrastructure as code strategy.

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