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Helping Organizations Achieve Network Automation at Scale at ONUG Fall 2022

Kristen H. Rachels

Chief Marketing Officer ‐ Itential

Helping Organizations Achieve Network Automation at Scale at ONUG Fall 2022
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Posted on November 7, 2022

Network automation in the enterprise isn’t a new concept anymore, it’s finally become common practice. However, a lot of enterprises are still trying to tackle challenges that arise while implementing network automation across they’re hybrid and multi-cloud networks. That’s a problem our team is passionate about helping to solve.

Last month, our team was thrilled to be back in person at ONUG (Open Networking User Group) Fall, the leading event for enterprise network teams to ideate and innovate, to help enterprises tackle these challenges and accelerate their transition from task-based pockets of automation to achieving automation and orchestration that scales across all their networks and teams.

During the course of the event, Itential hosted a network security-focused automation Proof of Concept and an intriguing joint session with our friends at NetBox. Throughout these sessions we showcased Itential’s unique patented technology that set’s us apart as the leading automation platform for NetDevOps teams. But the best part of it all was being able to do what we love most – help enterprises take their network automation journey to the next level so they can automate at scale.

Here’s a recap of our sessions and we hope you find them helpful on your automation journey.

Proof of Concept: Leveraging Network Automation for Rapid Security Responses

Our PoC was focused on showcasing a better solution for teams to handle the provisioning and management of their complicated infrastructure that spans on-prem data centers and multiple cloud platforms. Current manual and error prone processes are making it harder than ever to ensure compliance across their hybrid networks and are no longer feasible.

Automation is the only way that teams can maintain and secure hybrid, multi-cloud network infrastructures. We showcased how enterprises can use Itential to overcome this by quickly integrating with cloud platforms, network solutions, IT, and security systems to rapidly build automations that can immediately respond to security events by documenting trouble tickets, sending notifications to multiple teams, and making critical changes to secure both cloud and on-prem infrastructure.

See it for yourself:

Netbox & Itential: Evolving from a Source of Truth to Automation & Orchestration

We teamed up with our friends at NetBox for a dynamic discussion on how IT organizations can evolve network operations through an integrated approach to automating and orchestrating at scale.

Network teams understand the rate of network changes is continually growing due to networks spanning physical, virtual, and multi-cloud infrastructure. This has resulted in increased demand to deliver applications and services faster, and to meet these demands network teams are using tools like NetBox as a source of truth to help organize, document, and manage critical network resources and configuration.

Rich Martin, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Itential, was joined by Jordan Villareal, NetBox’s Technical Advocate at NS1, to demo how Itential’s no-code integration with NetBox allows teams to build automations for network changes, and verify the state of configuration and source of truth data. This allows teams to evolve from a source of truth to automating network changes from ticket creation to ticket resolution.

How Itential Helps NetDevOps Teams to Achieve Automation at Scale

Our passion and products are focused on helping organizations evolve their automation journey. Whether you are automating network tasks and changes or trying to orchestrate across multiple systems and technologies , our products are purpose-built to help organizations:

  • Address the constant challenge of having to integrate (and keep up with that integration) across multiple technologies in your ecosystem.
  • Eliminate the need for network engineers to spend unnecessary time learning complex automation and orchestration languages or tools instead of seeing value from day one.
  • Enable their teams to extend and expose current tools and assets to expand the automation footprint past individuals or teams to the entire organization.

If you’re looking to take your automation strategy to the next level, know that Itential is here to help. You can catch up on ONUG on-demand sessions, schedule a demo with one of our automation experts to dive deeper into our platform, or explore the capabilities of Itential Automation Platform.

Itential On-Demand at ONUG Fall 2022
Kristen H. Rachels

Chief Marketing Officer ‐ Itential

Kristen serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Itential, leading their go-to-market strategy and execution to accelerate the adoption and expansion of the company’s products and services.

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