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Take your network automation skills to the next level with Itential’s interactive & self-paced training courses.

Take Your Network Automation Skills to the Next Level

At Itential, we’re focused on enabling IT & networking pros to contribute to network automation in all capacities. Whether you’re just getting started or are already an automation hero, there’s an array of courses designed to help accelerate your journey as an Itential Automation Platform user.

All training courses start with a complementary introductory course to Itential’s Automation Platform for a comprehensive overview of network automation and the platform. This free course sets you up for automation success.

Check out all the courses Itential offers for anyone ready to automate:

Featured Complimentary Course

Introduction to the Itential Automation Platform

The Introduction to the Itential Automation Platform course is a complementary course offered by Itential as the starting point for all Itential Academy training. Dive into this course to learn more about our Platform, its architecture and start building your first use case. By the end of the course, you will be able to build and execute your very first workflow automation.

Attendees will learn:

  • Modern network automation goals & technologies
  • IAP’s web & API interfaces and admin views
  • IAP’s authentication & authorization model
  • Low-code, multi-domain automation features
  • How to build low-code intelligent, network-aware workflows
  • How to locate, add & configure workflow tasks
  • How to use external systems’ integrations in workflows

Explore All Itential Academy Courses

The Itential Academy has several on-demand, self-paced course offerings to accelerate automation with Itential for network engineers, software developers and NetOps professionals. Our training courses are by invitation only. Please click here to request more information.

Itential Workflow Tasks & Transitions Training

The Itential Workflow Tasks & Transition training course covers workflow tasks and transitions in detail. This course builds a simple Itential workflow for collecting data then performs a deployment dry run on a new service.

Itential Product Essentials Training

The Itential Product Essentials training course is an introduction to the Itential Network Automation Engine, how it works and its distinguishing features and architecture. This course teaches the basic essentials to build an IAP product. IAP products extend the platform’s capabilities to meet customers’ unique business requirements.

Itential Adapter Essentials I

Adapters are a part of the Itential Automation Platform and provide external systems integration. The Itential Adapter Essentials I training courses introduce the Itential Automaton Platform, describe Itential adapters’ functions and teach the minimum requirements for building Itential adapters. These courses provide real lab experiences attendees can apply in the development of their own use cases.

Itential Adapter Essentials II

The Itential Adapter Essentials II training course builds on Itential Adapter Essentials I with a series of incremental coding labs. In this course, also learn the minimum required features of an Itential Adapter.

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