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Itential Workflow Designer Training

The Itential Workflow Designer training course introduces Itential network automation products. This course reviews our solution’s benefits, how it is used to build network automation applications and workflows and describes Itential’s architecture.

Attendees will learn:

  • Workflow structure and execution
  • How to design and build workflows
  • How to test and troubleshoot workflows
  • Integrating forms into workflows with the Form Builder Application
  • How to automatically verify network state before and after network changes using the pre-check automation command and analytics templates

Itential Developer Training

The Itential Developer Training course is an introduction to the Itential Network Automation Engine, how it works and its distinguishing features and architecture. This course will provide real experience that attendees can apply to the development of their own use cases.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to write an application within the Itential solution
  • How to call Itential brokers from an application
  • How to create client-side, web browser views
  • How to store data using Itential’s persistence broker
  • How to build workflows
  • How to install an Itential adapter

Itential Adapter Essentials Training

Adapters are a part of the Itential Automation Platform and provide external systems integration. The Itential Adapter Essentials training courses introduce the Itential Automaton Platform, describe Itential adapters’ functions, and teach the minimum requirements for building Itential adapters. These courses provide real lab experiences attendees can apply in the development of their own use cases.

Attendees will learn: 

  • The Itential Automation Platform’s business value
  • How integrations are necessary to network automation
  • Essential Itential adapter features
  • How to use tiered testing and development
  • How to call REST API’s
  • Node.js package management
  • How to document Node.js application methods

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