On-Demand Webinar

Pragmatic Approach to Achieving Programmable Network Automation

Network automation is the latest catchphrase to hit the networking space. Hot on the heels of SDN, NFV, and intent-based networking, network automation has been used as an umbrella term to encompass all manner of programmable approaches to automating network configuration and control. Many network engineers who may already have collections of standard operating procedures, template config files, scripts in varying languages, are confused about how to embark on a path to network automation. Incorporating developers into a NetOps team introduces a variety of tools and strategies that should be aligned into your network automation journey.

This webinar presented by Itential and SDxCentral will provide a pragmatic approach on how to gain immediate value with network automation by assessing your current state, explaining how to incorporate existing network configuration systems already in place, and how to develop a strategy toward achieving programmable network automation.

Engineers and developers watching this webinar will learn to:

  • Effectively identify, catalog and categorize existing network configuration and control systems in place
  • Achieve a successful network automation milestone in two weeks that has immediate ROI
  • Put a concrete plan together to phase in network automation across the entire network with realistic timeframes
  • Incorporate proven strategies that tie together multiple domains into a comprehensive approach
  • Appropriate for anyone participating in network automation and hybrid-cloud deployments