On-Demand Webinar

Key Requirements for Network as a Service Across Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Network as a Service (NaaS) is gaining momentum as cloud service consumers have come to expect their network providers and teams to offer the same simple level of accessibility they’ve become accustomed to in the cloud world. However, many have learned that delivering networking capabilities as a service presents significant challenges that don’t exist in cloud networking.

Exposing network services based on functionality like IP layer 3, core networking, optical, and functions like firewall and load balancing depend on a network infrastructure that can be managed and orchestrated across silos and domains with consistent, predictable capabilities that are robust enough to be exposed as services.

In this webinar, Itential experts Morgan Stern, VP of Automation Strategy, and Travis Nicks, Solution Architect, discuss the key capabilities required  to deliver NaaS along with a demo and lessons learned from NaaS implementations in some of the most advanced service provider and enterprise networks in the world.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why NaaS is more than just an API.
  • How to compose and expose network services.
  • The value of orchestrating across exposable hybrid network services.
  • How Itential enables NaaS technology.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Demo Overview
01:09 Network Automation & Orchestration Landscape
04:34 The Three Components of Network as a Service
07:58 Why Organizations Want to Provide NaaS
10:00 Four Ways to Compose & Expose Network Services
16:36 The Different Ways to Provide NaaS
20:56 Key Requirements for Delivering NaaS
23:46 Demo: Running an Automation for Enabling NaaS
25:56 Different Methods to Execute Automations for NaaS Functionality
28:23 Key Takeaways or Achieving NaaS Capabilities