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Netrounds + Itential: Zero Touch Provisioning and Testing

Regardless of the technologies used, customers expect services to work flawlessly and immediately after delivery and continuously into the future. These high expectations require that services be delivered right the first time, and right all the time; yet a recent survey revealed that more than 60% of network degradations are first discovered by customers and employees, or never even reported.

See how Itential, partnered with Netrounds delivers Zero Touch Provisioning and Testing and showcases the benefits of network automation for service assurance processes.

In this data sheet learn how:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning reduces costs, time to market, and cycle time through the use of automation.
  • To achieve agile, assured networking through automation in order to reduce operational cost and improve efficency.
  • Itential and Netrounds jumpstart your network automation iniatives.

Learn more about the official partnership in the full press release.