Data Sheet

Itential Cell Site Backhaul Automation Solution Overview

The evolution of backhaul (cell site routers and aggregation routers) is driven by new 5G capabilities and the projections for accelerated growth in network traffic. GSMA predicts traffic in the top 30 markets to increase 6,268 exabytes annually by 2027.

These traffic projections are driving massive upgrade programs for existing backhaul networks. Those who are automating are gaining a significant market advantage – through time to market, cost to operate, and ability to offer new capabilities through automation, such as transport network (TN) 5G slicing.

In this data sheet, learn how Itential’s Backhaul Automation Solution provides:

  • A high-performance platform, along with pre-built, pre-tested automation components that can be easily customized to support a wide range of vendors, environments, and technologies.
  • A way to dramatically reduce the time normally associated with deployment and operations of cell site routers and aggregation routers.
  • Support for a wide range of southbound options for interacting with the network elements, including Cisco NSOTM, AnsibleTM, scripting, and SDN controllers; allowing users to automate even the most complex multi-vendor environments.