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NetOps is all about applying a DevOps mindset to the Network. It requires a shift in how you think about the way you work, the necessity of certain tasks you may do now, the makeup of your team, and the very nature of the network itself. NetOps is about improving overall agility in maintaining, managing & changing the network.

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Bringing DevOps to the Network, Measuring Time-to-Complete, & Multi-Cloud Domination

January 22, 2021

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The Role of Automation in SD-WAN, Measuring Efficiency for Automation, & Lumen Redefines the Customer Experience

January 15, 2021

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Monetizing 5G, Measuring the Business Impact of Network Automation & 2021 Cloud Computing Resolutions

January 8, 2021

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The Network Takes Center Stage, Gartner’s Top Trends for I&O, and Why CSPs Need Automation

December 18, 2020

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Meet Demand with Network Modernization, the Benefits of Multi-Cloud, & Edge Computing for CIOs

December 11, 2020

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CSP’s Need for Network Automation, Lumen Opts for Itential & Edge Computing Transforms 5G Networks

December 4, 2020

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The Future of Distributed Cloud, Techstringy Talks Network Automation, & Top 5G Use Cases

November 20, 2020

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Financial Analysis for Network Automation, the Pros & Cons of 5G, & Optimizing Your Cloud

November 13, 2020

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Overcoming Network Automation Challenges, The Network is Now a Cloud & 6 Steps to Cloud Success

November 6, 2020

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Thriving in a Multi-Cloud Environment, Top Tech Trends for 2021, & Key Challenges Driving Network Automation

October 30, 2020

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