Introducing Itential’s New Developer Hub

by | May 7, 2019
Introducing Itential’s New Developer Hub

Since the beginning of our product development efforts here at Itential, we have kept the notion of building an open platform with full API access as a top priority. The number of developers using Itential’s Automation Platform to design and deploy network automations to manage their networks more efficiently has grown significantly as we continue to expand our customer base. Itential has also begun releasing open source software both through our own releases and contributions back to the community. We realized that it was time to bring all of this together in the form of a developer hub that further enables developers with not only how they use our platform, but as they explore enabling the network to be more programmable.

Because of this, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of our new developer hub today,

We are launching with four key features:

Keep an eye on the site as we continue to release new features!

Our new pre-built automations make life easier for developers and engineers by providing new automations out-of-the-box so that you’re not starting from scratch each time. Also, our documentation has been completely overhauled. You spoke and we listened. The new developer site serves as the source for all Itential API and platform documentation. You can even give us feedback on individual APIs and documents by rating them with stars. If you find a problem with the documentation, you can also submit an issue right from the documentation page with your account. Between our new open source adapters and the ability to build your own adapter using Postman collections or OpenAPI and more to come, we’re lowering the barrier to automation for everyone. Maybe that saves you five minutes to grab another cup of coffee, or maybe it finally gets you out of a tedious swivel chair operation that takes much longer copying output from one system and translating it to another one.

We are excited to be an integral part of so many companies’ network transformation journey. Every area of our company has witnessed this firsthand, from product development to delivery to training. For far too long, the network has lagged behind compute and storage with the available tools to automate and scale their engineering efforts. We are proud to be building software and tools that are helping so many engineers improve their work and want to take the next steps with our new developer resources.

Want to keep up with any new developer resources? Click here to sign up and stay connected with Itential.

Chris Adams

Chris Adams leads the Cloud Team at Itential and is focused on creating new cloud services for Itential users, both customers and internal. Prior to this role, he was an integral member of both the product development and customer delivery teams at Itential. Chris has over 15 years of experience as an engineer working in networking, DevOps and storage virtualization.

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