Customer Spotlight: The Automation Journey of Deutsche Telekom

by | August 12, 2019
Customer Spotlight: The Automation Journey of Deutsche Telekom

The Itential team has been on the road talking with key customers and partners about their automation journey. One story we’re really proud of is from the Cisco NSO Developer Days in Europe with customer Deutsche Telekom’s Johannes Peternek!

To explain further, Deutsche Telekom’s aspiration is to become the Leading European Telco, with a strategy to lead in customer experience, technology and business productivity. They are more than an infrastructure company; in this complex digital world they want to make life easier for people, enriching it at every opportunity – at home and at work, anytime, anyplace.

There are significant pressures on their network engineering and operations teams to ensure that the business can meet its objectives in time to market and quality. The existing processes for managing and maintaining their network infrastructure have little automation in place resulting in manual, time consuming activities. In order to achieve their goals, they recognize the need to make efficiencies internally and improve the quality of their network changes and lifecycle management along the way.

The AUTLAN project was initiated to help solve these challenges. Deutsche Telekom selected Cisco NSO and the Itential Automation Platform to help build an automation solution that would increase efficiencies across the network engineering and operations processes. The beginning of the project would focus on using these tools to automate the configuration of LAN devices (e.g. routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls) and to automate the operational processes involved in upgrading the software on these devices.

Johannes is Referent IP Platform Engineer, Deutsche Telekom Technik GMBH and worked with myself, on AUTLAN. Our joint presentation ‘The Automation Journey of an Integrated Telecommunications Company’ explores some of the challenges they faced and highlights how our partnership enabled them to overcome their challenges by leveraging the power of the Itential Automation Platform and Cisco NSO.

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Anand Sanghani

Anand is Technical Sales Engineer (EMEA) at Itential with over 20 years’ experience in the Network Automation and OSS arena. He has a proven track record of working closely with customers to build automation solutions that increase efficiencies across networking processes. Before Itential, he has an extensive portfolio at companies including Riverbed, Cisco, Comptel and Axiom Systems.

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