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Adapter for Integration to Email Server


This adapter is used to integrate the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) with the Email Server. The adapter utilizes the nodemailer npm library to provide the integrations that are deemed pertinent to IAP. The ReadMe file is intended to provide information on this adapter it is generated from various other Markdown files.

Note: It is possible that some integrations will be supported through the EmailOpensource adapter while other integrations will not. If you need additional API calls, you can use the Update capabilities provided by the Adapter Builder or request Itential to add them if the Adapter is an Itential opensourced adapter.

Itential provides information on all of its product adapters in the Customer Knowledge Base. Information in the Customer Knowledge Base is consistently maintained and goes through documentation reviews. As a result, it should be the first place to go for information.

For opensourced and custom built adapters, the ReadMe is a starting point to understand what you have built, provide the information for you to be able to update the adapter, and assist you with deploying the adapter into IAP.

How to Install

  1. Set up the name space location in your IAP node_modules.
cd /opt/pronghorn/current/node_modules (* could be in a different place)
if the @itentialopensource directory does not exist, create it:
    mkdir @itentialopensource
  1. Clone/unzip/tar the adapter into your IAP environment.
cd \@itentialopensource
git clone\@itentialopensource/adapters/adapter-email
tar -xvf adapter-email.tar
  1. Run the adapter install script.
cd adapter-email
npm install
npm run lint:errors
npm run test
  1. Restart IAP
systemctl restart pronghorn
  1. Create an adapter service instance configuration in IAP Admin Essentials GUI

  2. Copy the properties from the sampleProperties.json and paste them into the service instance configuration in the inner/second properties field.

  3. Change the adapter service instance configuration (host, port, credentials, etc) in IAP Admin Essentials GUI

For an easier install of the adapter use npm run adapter:install, it will install the adapter in IAP. Please note that it can be dependent on where the adapter is installed and on the version of IAP so it is subject to fail. If using this, you can replace step 3-5 above with these:

  1. Install adapter dependencies and check the adapter.
cd adapter-email
npm run adapter:install
  1. Restart IAP
systemctl restart pronghorn
  1. Change the adapter service instance configuration (host, port, credentials, etc) in IAP Admin Essentials GUI