Authentication is very flexible!

  • Remember, there are a variety of modifications you can make:
    • Alter the getToken action.
    • Alter the token schemas.
    • Alter the adapter properties.
    • Use authData or callProperties from adapter.js.
  • You can also add other things into the adapter.js:
    • For example, we had a system that took in a secret but wanted to pass it through SHA-1 with HMAC.
    • Using adapter properties, Itential was able to achieve this with additional headers on calls and by adding SHA1/HMAC calls to the adapter.js.

If you experience any problems or can’t figure out how to make a change, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Itential Adapters Team is here to help.

  • For help with any adapter changes:
    • Create a ticket (ISD, IPSO or ADAPT).
    • You can work the ticket or allow the Itential Adapter Team to verify if the new authentication capability can be supported.
    • Once all changes are made, update the adapter-utils dependency in your adapter or run the adapterMigrator.
  • To update your adapter-utils dependency:
    • Change the version in the package.json dependencies.
    • rm –rf node modules
    • rm package-lock.json
    • npm install

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