Bring Your Own Automation: An Integrated Approach To Managing Your Network

How to create a modern network automation strategy without a rip-and-replace methodology.

Join Us for Our Live Webinar on August 27th, 2019

In an effort to migrate from the CLI, the level of innovation in the network domain is being developed at a pace we have not previously experienced. Yet with over 60% of enterprises still utilizing an ad hoc manual and reactive script-based approach to automation, organizations are struggling with how to reconcile their current automation efforts while also adopting new modern techniques centered around APIs and programmability. As the network ecosystem expands, IT and networking teams need to be able to incorporate their existing infrastructure, while keeping pace with the adoption of new technologies, without having to start from scratch and sacrifice their current operational uptime.

In this live webinar, we’ll explore how Itential helps organizations to propel network automation efforts that incorporate their existing investments, without having to start over. Itential’s new ‘Bring Your Own Automation’ capabilities enable NetOps teams to seamlessly integrate their current automation investments and transform scripts into APIs, further enabling multi-domain automation and driving network programmability.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Understand the network domains and the typical path for network automation adoption, using the right tool for the right job
  • Move toward a modern approach to network automation using your existing infrastructure and investments
  • Normalize your scripting efforts for standardized and repeatable API consumption with Itential’s Automation Gateway
  • Use enhanced scripts in end-to-end network automation workflows within Itential’s Automation Platform
  • Future proof your investment in network automation with unified models and an API first approach

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Time: 9:00am PT/ 12:00pm ET

Duration: 45mins


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Chris Wade


Alex Degitz
Product Manager