Remembering the Life of a Network Innovator: Patrick Moore

by | April 19, 2019
Remembering the Life of a Network Innovator: Patrick Moore

To our friend, colleague, and a terrific person – Patrick Moore,

I wish I was writing this blog about anything else other than the devastating loss of a great friend and admired colleague.  It is with the deepest regret that I am letting you know that Patrick Moore unexpectedly passed away on April 18th.  If you ask anyone who knows Patrick, you would receive universal sentiments for his humility, generosity and kind personality.  When visiting customers, it was difficult to walk around with Patrick without him stopping and receiving a number of hugs.  He would engage in personal conversations that always made us late to wherever we were going.  His energy and kindness always drew people to him and his impact on everyone around him was profound and impossible to not see.

Selfishly, Itential and our industry will not be able to replace his leadership and innovative spirit.  Patrick loved being involved in the most complex and difficult projects while keeping his focus on the future of our industry.  Whether speaking at industry events or blogging on the convergence of software, cloud, and networking – Patrick’s point of view always carried weight.

When we started Itential, Patrick was one of the first people we reached out to join us on our journey.  He had the passion and the desire to build a company that changed the way the industry viewed automation – both now and in the future.  His impact on the culture and work environment of Itential cannot be overstated.  Patrick was a natural teacher.  He loved learning and was passionate about teaching us all what he learned to help influence and shape our company.  Our entire team feels a great loss but will try our best to live up to the character of Patrick each and every day.

From a personal level, I always sought Patrick’s perspective and advice.  My day often ended with a call to Patrick on my drive home.  We would discuss topics and if we were in deep discussion, I would walk around my back yard until we were done.  This became our routine.  I had a quiet ride on the way home yesterday – I am going to miss my daily call.  I am going to miss my friend.

– Chris Wade

If you’d like to read more about Patrick’s point of view on the industry, you can view all blog posts he’s written here. You can also watch his recent NANOG presentation on “Network Automation And Programmability: Reality Versus The Vendor Hype When Considering Legacy And NFV Networks.”

Chris Wade

Chris co-founded Itential in 2014 to simplify and accelerate the adoption of network automation and to transform network operations practices. Using a model-based approach, Chris leads the innovation and development of the company’s flagship software portfolio of dynamic network automation applications.

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