Itential 2019.1 Changes the Game for Network Configuration

by | March 26, 2019
Itential 2019.1 Changes the Game for Network Configuration

Modernizing legacy NCCM tools with enhanced configuration manager application

Today’s organizations are challenged with the exponential growth in the frequency of network configuration changes due to the increasing complexity of network environments, compliance requirements, and pressure from cloud-based services that require an agile network to be successful.

Itential 2019.1 modernizes the legacy Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) processes by simplifying and automating the management of network device configurations and compliance remediation, enabling customers to drastically reduce risks and improve efficiency. Itential’s low-code environment empowers Network Engineering and IT operations teams across the enterprise to automate use cases across complex, multi-vendor and multi-domain environments.

Additionally, Itential 2019.1 includes new features such as Automation Catalog, Global Search & Tags, and SSO, that provide full control over who can run specific automations and improve overall usability by bringing DevOps to NetOps.

Itential’s Configuration Manager Overview

The Configuration Manager application in the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) provides comprehensive device configuration and compliance auditing functionalities.

  • Define & Manage Golden Configuration

Mitigate config drift by easily defining the base configuration or “Golden Configuration” of devices deployed in your network. With its tree-based, parent-child configuration inheritance, device configuration management is streamlined and centralized across your entire network, eliminating errors generated by managing multiple templates at the controller level. Quickly review and perform reconciliation of the errors generated from mismatched configurations between the Golden Configuration and the actual live configuration of the devices.

  • Robust Device Compliance Analytics

Gain complete insight into the compliance level of all your devices on the network through a consolidated dashboard that provides you top issues to remediate at the tree and node level. Easily identify nodes that are out compliance and view the device compliance analytics of an individual or group of devices that require remediation in order to maintain the desired network compliance level at all times.

  • Score-Based Remediation of Configuration Drift

Always know when devices on your network are drifting away from their Golden Configuration with up-to-date compliance scoring. Based on the compliance score, remediate device configuration drifts manually, through a workflow, or even by scheduling a zero-touch remediation workflow.

  • Simplify Device Configuration Audits

Achieve complete control over your network devices with access to detailed configuration drift analysis that makes compliance auditing a breeze. View current and historical device compliance scores and configuration drift details for each device. You have the flexibility to make configuration changes at the tree, node, and device level using native device configuration specs. Backups are automatically created when audit changes are applied to device configurations.

  • Flexible & Streamlined Device Management Capabilities

Get a consolidated view of all the devices in your entire network. Use a single application to manage southbound devices on your network in an interactive manner. Users can view and modify devices in deployments across their organization, manage groups of devices, backup devices, compare backup configurations of devices in multiple combinations, and assign devices to specific nodes on the golden configuration tree.

Other New Features

  • Automation Catalog – Automation Catalog enables organizations to expose network automations to more departments by allowing them to execute specific tasks. Users are provided with a self-service catalog for creating, viewing and executing automations as well as the ability to manually start or schedule single or recurring automations.
  • Global Search & Tags – Users can easily search for specific fields of registered objects through the global search capability and tag all objects for easier search selection.
  • SSO for OpenIDConnect – Leveraging OpenIDConnect in Azure, users can easily authenticate over their existing AAA system with SSO, further extending Itential’s robust privacy management capabilities.
For more information on Itential’s latest release and to see a live demonstration, please reserve your spot at our upcoming webinar.
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