The Amazon API Gateway adapter from Itential is used to integrate the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) with the Amazon API Gateway system to make it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. Using API Gateway, you can create RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs that enable real-time two-way communication applications. API Gateway supports containerized and serverless workloads, as well as web applications.

With this adapter you can use Amazon API Gateway to perform operations such as:

  • Create HTTP APIs: HTTP APIs enable you to create RESTful APIs with lower latency and lower cost than REST APIs. You can use HTTP APIs to send requests to AWS Lambda functions or to any publicly routable HTTP endpoint.
  • Create REST APIs: API Gateway provides REST API management functionality such as the following:
    • Support for generating SDKs and creating API documentation using API Gateway extensions to OpenAPI.
    • Throttling of HTTP requests.
  • WebSocket APIs: API Gateway provides WebSocket API management functionality such as the following:
    • Monitoring and throttling of connections and messages.
    • Trace messages as they travel through the APIs to backend services.