The Accedian SkyLight Vision adapter from Itential is used to integrated the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) with the SkyLight system for complete end-to-end performance visibility. SkyLight performs real-time detection in network changes and service behavior. Using SkyLight, teams can pinpoint and visualize issues as they emerge.

With this adapter you have the ability to perform operations with SkyLight such as:

  • Virtualized, Active Testing and Monitoring: Monitor network performance and distributed test traffic generation. Compute and control for active test sessions via NFV. You can reflect active test sessions in a software-only session.
  • Discover, Configure, and Receive Active Performance Monitoring Data: A single API can be used for all active monitoring, via a mediation/abstraction layer to the devices and software in the network. The orchestrator controls the entire SkyLight portfolio using its own user interface or RESTful APIs. It is easy to set-up new tests and monitor existing tests using SkyLight Director.
  • Standards-Based Monitoring: Bring performance awareness to all layers and locations, both physical and virtual.
  • Isolate Issues: Uses data to discover trends and issues, and easily isolate issues to prescribe corrective action.