Itential is a team of Network, Communications, and IT professionals that has been founded to focus on innovation where Network and IT converge. The problems we solve are technically complex and disruptive to your operations. We will create an environment where new technologies and fresh perspectives allow you to put truly out of the box solutions in place to take your operations beyond the traditional slow moving, static environment it is in now. We believe that the evolving networking world is one driven by survival of the fittest, and those that survive will focus on Services and being able to deliver them with velocity and agility.

Solutions will include new players in the SDN, NFV and Real-Time OSS world, as well as existing vendors. We can help you navigate through these critical decisions, because the choices made will have profound impacts on future capabilities. We understand the importance of operationalization in the new paradigm of dynamic, programmable networks and extensive virtualization.



Our team is comprised of software professionals that bring a diverse set of skills in Development, Integration, Network, & OSS. We believe Service Velocity should be viewed by Service Providers as the most important business driver for the implementation of new Network & OSS technologies. An open, programmable network, leveraging cloud & virtualization technologies and having operational tools in place, is the foundation for successful move to being an agile business.

We believe the expertise required to be successful in this new paradigm is largely software based, and a transition must take place with the individuals and teams building and supporting today’s networks.

This transition to a software centric environment will require a paradigm shift in the way Service Providers operate currently. Itential can offer advisory services, system integration, software development and platform implementation to help customers embrace this new way of operating.

Itential is focused on the successful adoption of SDN/NFV concepts and technologies to the Service Provider & Enterprise environments. Our passion is leveraging these technologies, open standards, open source software, vendor partners, and best practices to deliver solutions to our customers that will drive success in their business.