Traditional OSS has focused on point solutions that provide specific functions in an attempt to automate networks. This approach has failed to live up to its promise. The result is pockets of automation that engineers must “swivel chair” between to perform their jobs. The promise of automation is “Zero Touch”, but the traditional approach just doesn’t deliver on this promise. The time for change is now.

The Itential approach is to leverage the capabilities of programmability to automate your network. This means not just adding tools that perform isolated tasks, but instead creation of applications that cut across domains to meet your day to day operational needs. We understand the activities required to manage your network and know that those don’t always fit nicely into a traditional OSS domain, so we develop our solutions accordingly.


Traditional OSS platforms have focused on the creation of domain specific applications that are designed to stand alone and automate very specific tasks. Development has been divided into the various OSS domains with little thought to how they should interoperate across the silos they create with this approach.

Pronghorn was created with the intention to provide an environment for innovation in network automation. We have focused on integration with industry leading tools to provide a programmable layer over the top of legacy network devices. This allows Pronghorn to add programmability to non-programmable networks. We also work with emerging programmable devices that provide APIs themselves, as well as the new tools being built to manage NFV-based networks and services. The result is a single platform that reaches across all domains to eliminate these automation silos and provide a unified toolset for your engineers.




As new technologies emerge, such as Programmable Networks, automation opportunities present themselves that have never been possible before. Day to day operations take precedence over keeping up with the new technologies for network operators, but the Advisory Services team from Itential can bring this valuable insight to you to show how these new technologies will transform your network operations in new and exciting ways.

Itential was founded with the intention of not only participating in these emerging technologies, but to be thought leaders in this space to assist our clients in making the right decisions. Our Advisory Services team is focused on enabling you to realize the promise of automation, but also in being able to understand the challenges of your day to day operations so that you are able to implement these new tools and techniques with no disruption to your existing business.

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