Pronghorn Automation: CMTS Software Upgrade Example

Automation demo of the Pronghorn Application Platform leveraging the MOP Automation capabilities and the Cisco NSO application. This allows for a defined workflow, with manual and automated tasks, a Pre-Check of key configuration details, execution of the MOP, a Post-Check of the same key configuration details from the Pre-Check, and configurable analytics on the data collected during the Pre/Post-Check activities.

Pronghorn Overview Demo

Overview demo of the Pronghorn Application Platform utilizing interaction with Performance, Fault and Inventory management applications southbound of Pronghorn. This allows for a single pane of glass that exposes the capabilities of multiple southbound systems in a common operational view.

MOP Automation Demo

In this demo Itential demos the MOP Automation capabilities of the Pronghorn Application Platform, including its robust workflow capabilities. This can be leveraged for any kinds of MOP activity that involves modifying, adding, or otherwise changing configuration settings within the network. This includes onboarding or removal of devices from the network, as well as software upgrades of network devices.

Ops Automation Demo

In this demo Itential demonstrates the use of Pronghorn to integrate disparate systems and data to easily adjust the bandwidth available in a network to resolve a congestion problem.

ELAN Service Migration Demo

This is a demo video using the Pronghorn Application Platform to migrate ELAN services between devices in a multi-vendor environment consisting of Cisco, Juniper, and ALU/Nokia equipment.