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Course Overview

The Itential Support Training course is an introduction to the support and management of Itential’s products. The course will cover how to install, configure and maintain the Itential solution and equip attendees with the skills needed to support and troubleshoot users’ application problems through hands-on interactive labs.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to troubleshoot users’ application questions, including common problems.
  • How to identify problem causes and mitigate issues.
  • How to implement remedies and escalation procedures.
  • System-level tasks
    • Install, configure and upgrade Itential
    • User management
    • Starting and stopping Itential
    • Database maintenance

This online course is conducted through the Itential Academy website. Attendees will experience self-paced video lectures combined with interactive lab guides for an intuitive lab experience. Learners will install a MongoDB database management system, Redis database management system, and the Itential platform.

Estimated Course Duration: 8 hours

Course Outline

  • Itential network automation solution overview
  • Customer applications overview
  • Multi-server Itential architecture
  • High-availability, scalable architecture
  • System-task labs
  • Problem triage, remedy & escalation procedures
  • Hands-on break-fix labs


This course is intended to develop the skills needed to support and troubleshoot user applications and problems within the Itential Solution. After completion of the course, attendees will be equipped with processes to identify a problem, remedy the problem when possible, gather additional information and escalate an issue. Attendees will be able to configure Itential to use an external AAA service and group authorization. By the end of the course, attendees will learn how to isolate problems to an integrated 3rd party system, the Itential platform or a network orchestrator.

After completing the Itential Support Training, I felt confident in my ability to help any of our users identify, troubleshoot and fix a problem that we found. Our organization is now more self-sufficient and efficient as we spend significantly less time on any issues.

Systems Administrator, Leading Financial Company

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