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Itential Developer Training Course Overview

Course Overview

The Itential Developer Training course is an introduction to the Itential Network Automation Engine, how it works and its distinguishing features and architecture. This course will provide real experience that attendees can apply to the development of their own use cases.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to write an application within the Itential solution.
  • How to call Itential brokers from an application.
  • How to create client-side, web browser views.
  • How to store data using Itential’s persistence broker.
  • How to build workflows.
  • How to install an Itential adapter.

This online course is conducted through the Itential Academy website. Attendees will experience self-paced video lectures combined with interactive lab guides for an intuitive lab experience. This class will explore how to develop programs and views on individual, remote virtual machines running the Itential Application Server. Attendees will build an application, install an adapter, and build custom workflows to support automated customer service change orders. The course begins from scratch and progresses through a series of tiered labs until a functioning application has been built.

Estimated Course Duration: 3 days

Course Outline

  • Itential architecture review
  • NSO service models
  • Itential business logic application labs
  • Itential client-side views labs
  • Brokers & adaptors labs
  • API labs
  • Tasks labs
  • System test labs
  • Itential reporting application labs


This course is intended to develop the skills needed to build custom business logic and client-side views on the Itential platform by learning the architecture behind the platform and getting hands-on experience on individual virtual machines. After completion, attendees will be able to write Node.js programs that execute on the Itential platform and how to write client-side views served from the Itential platform and executed in client browsers. Attendees will learn how to enable Node.js, REST, and workflow APIs for their custom applications. The course demonstrates Node.js’s asynchronous execution processing and its caveats. Attendees will also learn recommended developer troubleshooting steps, debugging techniques, and application logging.

The Itential Developer Training course allowed me to get hands-on experience in real world use cases. I was able to understand how to fully leverage Itential to accelerate our global network automation efforts.

DevOps Developer, Global Service Provider

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