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Adapter Essentials Training Course Overview

Course Overview

Adapters are a part of the Itential Automation Platform and provide external systems integration. The Itential Adapter Essentials training courses introduce the Itential Automaton Platform, describe Itential adapters’ functions, and teach the minimum requirements for building Itential adapters. These courses provide real lab experiences attendees can apply in the development of their own use cases.

Attendees will learn:

  • The Itential Automation Platform’s business value
  • How integrations are necessary to network automation
  • Essential Itential adapter features
  • How to use tiered testing and development
  • How to call REST API’s
  • Node.js package management
  • How to document Node.js application methods

Network automation isn’t limited to device configurations. Services lifecycle management leverages support systems that manage resources, perform monitoring, and implement process management. Network automation requires support systems’ integrations to automate their activities.

This online course is conducted through Itential Academy. Attendees receive self-paced, multimedia lectures; implement learned knowledge with labs in personal, live environments; and assess their knowledge with graded and ungraded tests. Through a series of tiered course content, learners discover a change management ticketing system, learn how to implement the system’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and build a functioning Itential adapter. By the end of the course, learners will build an Itential adapter to a live change management system that creates, reads, updates and deletes change management tickets.

Estimated Course Duration: 8 hours

Course Outline

  • Itential Automation Platform architecture and terminology
  • Discover and test REST APIs
  • Node.js Package Manager (npm)
  • JSDoc API documentation generator
  • Modular, declarative Node.js applications
  • Tiered testing and development
  • Specific, required and recommended
  • Itential adapter characteristics
  • Itential logging
  • Event-driven programming


These courses develop the skills needed to build Itential adapters that provide external systems integrations by performing two functions: executing the external systems’ APIs and abstracting those external systems through data translations, generic APIs and light business logic. These courses teach attendees how to implement an external system’s APIs and build a functioning Itential adapter.

The Itential Adapter Training course provided me the knowledge needed to build adapters specific to my organizations use cases in no time.

Software Developer, Multinational Enterprise

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