Automate Service Provider Networks with Itential

Automation for complex, multi-domain, and multi-vendor service provider networks.

Service Provider Networks are Complex, Diverse, & Distributed

Service Providers are facing more pressure than ever before for their Networks to perform without failure. With the explosive growth in cloud-application usage, mobile devices, and extending connectivity and computing to the edge with 5G, Service Providers have to keep up with demands both for more total capacity and higher throughput, which is forcing network operators to change how they manage and deliver network services.

As a result, network operators are looking to automation to help respond to increased demand with faster provisioning, all while maintaining service delivery requirements. With most Service Provider networks spanning multiple domains (cloud, mobile, WAN, RAN, edge, transport, data center, managed services, etc.) and requiring a higher level of investment and management, the right automation solution is needed to support.

Some common challenges our service provider customers face are:

Multi Domain_Blue

Complex multi-domain and multi-vendor environments


Unique requirements, vertical tools and point solution sprawl per domain

Automate Network Operations_Blue

‘Integration tax’ with high cost and time related to interoperability between systems & data


Lack of standards and configuration consistency, high reliance on manual operations

Passionate People_Blue (2)

Lack of resources and skills to implement network automation

Accelerate Change_Blue (1)

High rate of change and need to maintain customer SLAs

Itential is Intelligent Automation for Multi-Domain Networks

Itential is purpose-built for today’s complex, heterogenous networks. From cloud-based networks to data center networks and from NFV to distributed WANs – Itential includes powerful features for the most difficult, large enterprise and service provider class network automation projects.

Connect to Anything

Automation is limited by what you can integrate with. Itential is the only solution that can reach any system or technology in your ecosystem.

  • Auto-generate custom integrations without writing code
  • Open library of adapters for easy integration with any network, OSS and IT system

Unified Data Management

Data requires an easy way to organize, consume, and manage. Itential’s patent-pending technology enables NetOps teams to create a ‘meta-map’ of all connected resources for easy consumption.

  • Unified and abstracted view across your network by federating data and logic from integrated systems
  • Provides a distributed source of truth for your data

Simplify Automation for Everyone

Itential’s Automation Platform simplifies automation for everyone, making it easy for non-coder network engineers, by exposing data for use in end-to-end automations.

  • Low-code environment exposes data for easy to use creation of automations
  • Pre-built automations for accelerating automation across all use cases

Itential Simplifies & Accelerates Automation for Service Providers


The Itential Automation Platform is API first. Our vendor-agnostic solution acts as an aggregated network API, federating functionality and data from existing northbound and southbound systems, including controllers, orchestrators and network management tools. Our open library of adapters enables organizations to connect to anything or easily auto-generate your own with our Adapter Builder.


Itential provides a number of pre-built automations that customers can leverage to rapidly deploy automation for specific use cases.

  • Cisco iOS, IOS XR & NX Software Upgrade
  • L2/L3 VPN Provisioning
  • VNF Management
  • Device Pre-Check & Post-Check
  • Service Provisioning

Why Itential for Service Provider Network Automation

Fastest Time to Value

OPEX and CAPEX Cost Reduction

Accelerated Time to Market

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Support for Dynamic and Real-Time Service Delivery

Faster Service Delivery and Accelerated Revenue Production