Extend DevOps Automation to the Network with Itential

Seamlessly integrate existing automation efforts into an end-to-end approach.

The Value of an Integrated Approach to Network Automation

Many enterprise IT organizations have moved beyond basic CLI and custom-built scripts by adopting DevOps/NetOps tools like Ansible, Puppet, or SaltStack. However, while these tools provide automation capabilities at a larger scale, they were not built for the network and require an investment of specialized skills in other languages (such as YAML) As the network ecosystem expands, IT and networking teams need to be able to incorporate their existing infrastructure, while keeping pace with the adoption of new technologies, without having to start from scratch and sacrifice their current operational uptime. We believe an integrated approach to network automation should:

Separate automation from network domain orchestration & SDN strategies

Provide innovation without a rip & replace methodology

Enable more groups to participate in network automation

Lower operational costs & mitigate risks

Deliver End-to-End Network Automation with Itential

By implementing an automation solution that can leverage your existing network automation efforts, you can focus on making progress without the need to start over or rip and replace.


Itential Automation Gateway is a robust, standalone application, purpose-built to propel enterprise network automation and further accelerate network programmability. It’s ‘Bring Your Own Automation’ capabilities enable network teams to seamlessly integrate their existing automation efforts and transform scripts into APIs for use in end-to-end network automation workflows within Itential’s Automation Platform.

  • Leverage existing network automation efforts & normalize all scripts (Perl, Python, C, Bash, Ansible) into APIs.
  • Dynamic discovery of scripts provides unified & centralized repository with RBAC rules in IAP
  • Decoration of scripts to normalize them for standardized and repeatable API consumption


The Itential Automation Platform is API first. Our vendor-agnostic solution connects to anything and acts as an aggregated network API, federating functionality and data from existing northbound and southbound systems, including controllers, orchestrators and network management tools.

Itential’s Integrated Approach to Network Automation

Network Inventory Engine_Blue

Bring Your Own Automation

Integrate existing automation efforts and transform scripts into APIs for use in network automation workflows within Itential’s Automation Platform.


Unify Modeling Languages

Easily consume and federate YANG, YAML and TOSCA modeling languages, abstracting the complexity from the user and enabling a single pane of glass across your network.


Scale Automation as Your Grow

Deploy network automation in your organization at your own pace from basic operations and maintenance tasks such as router/switch upgrades and device management, to managing device configuration and compliance and service & policy.

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Expand Automation Participation

Enable network engineers, software developers and IT operations to participate in network automation through low-code, drag-and-drop environment & built-in network intelligence.

Adapter Builder_Blue

Integrate with Existing Environment

Extend automations beyond the network by providing a single, aggregated network API that connects other tools within your IT ecosystems like ticketing, change management, inventory and monitoring tools.

Accelerate Change_Blue

Start Fast & Stay Fast

Flexible and reusable automation templates for common use cases to drive rapid network automation deployments in organizations.