Service Management

The Pronghorn Service Management federates YANG models from NSO and provides a design studio capability to define User Interaction, Operational Workflows, and Service Catalog Functions.  Each of these capabilities are decoupled to provide a federated, dynamic environment.

  • Form Builder – provides management interface for custom building entry forms based on the defined service model

    • View YANG Models in real-time

    • Drag-and-Drop capability to arrange elements on the canvas

    • Rename elements based on target users

    • Re-Order tables, lists, and elements

    • Publish Forms to be referenced in other Applications or Workflow Tasks

  • Workflow Definition – define Operational Processes independent of the Service or UI Forms

    • Define Automated & Manual Tasks to support automated processes

    • Reference Forms & Systems Integration Tasks

    • Drag-and-Drop interface for building and managing processes

Service Catalog – Supports a catalog of dynamic services based on federated YANG and Operational Processes

  • Create service catalog items by referencing Forms/Service Models & Operational Processes

  • Leverage one YANG model for multiple catalog items based on user definition (customer, engineering, operations)

  • Dynamic external API for north-bound CRM & external integration