On-Demand Webinar

Automate Network Configuration & Compliance Management with Itential

Today’s enterprises and service providers are challenged with the exponential growth in the frequency of network configuration changes due to the increasing complexity of network environments, ongoing compliance requirements, and pressure from cloud-based services that are dependent on an agile network to deliver services.

Network Configuration & Change Management (NCCM) has primarily been a labor-intensive, manual process involving remote access to individual devices, and typing commands into vendor-specific command-line interfaces (CLI) that increase the possibility and scope for human error. However, the need for an agile network, and corporate audit and compliance requirements have forced enterprises to focus on a holistic approach toward NCCM that reduces risk and improves efficiency.

Itential enables network/IT operations teams to automate network configuration changes and compliance auditing by utilizing Itential’s low-code environment, to streamline and simplify the execution of automation use cases across complex, multi-domain environments.

In this on-demand webinar we explore:

  • Easily evolve configuration and compliance management to remove human error
  • Implement standards-based configuration definition & management, automate network changes & compliance auditing
  • Remediate configuration discrepancies in order to avoid costly outages and performance issues in the network


Chris Wade

Idaliz Baez
Senior Solutions Architect