Pre-Built Automations & Workflows

Start fast and stay fast with pre-built workflows for network automation use cases.

Accelerate Automation Use Cases Across Network Domains

Itential provides a number of pre-built automations that customers can leverage to rapidly adopt automation for specific use cases. These artifacts are self-contained, and include all the relevant documentations, files, scripts, dependencies, and logical components that are needed to execute the automation such as workflows, forms, Golden Configuration tree, command templates and more.

Expand on your automation strategy by addressing new use cases

Customize pre-built automations to meet your requirements and needs

Follow embedded best practices in driving end-to-end automation strategy

Enable DevOps and NetOps teams to onboard automation principles

Users can automate file transfer to upgrade any Cisco device (IOS/XR/NX) on the network from a remote file server. This optimizes software upgrade procedures by allowing engineers to execute preparation steps autonomously, thereby reducing the lead window.

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Users can select a live device/group of devices from their inventory of NSO or Ansible devices to execute commands to check the current configuration and establish rules against these commands to determine the state of the device(s). This allows you to automate and evaluate pre and post checks against network devices, thereby eliminating the need to manually perform these activities during the maintenance window that result in human errors.

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Users can agnostically manage network banners across multiple device types and execute the automation against their network devices that are managed by Ansible. Streamlining banner management across your network allows for unified messaging.

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User can agnostically manage SNMP community strings across multiple device types by executing the automation against their network devices that are managed by Ansible. Operations teams can keep their finger on the pulse by automating access policies to gain insights into all their managed devices and applications on the network.

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Users can manage L2 VPN (Layer 2 Virtual Private Network) and L3 VPN (Layer 3 Virtual Private Network) services by utilizing abstracted multi-vendor service models that represent the minimum L2 VPN and L3 VPN service configurations. The service package runs on the Cisco NSO platform and is managed from the Itential Automation Platform user interface. This allows you automate the creation of L2/L3 VPNs across a device agnostic network.

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The Service-demo artifact demonstrates an end-to-end usage of the Service Management workflow tasks in Itential Automation Platform (IAP). This enables you to learn how to leverage network intelligent tasks provided by the platform to create service provisioning automations built on best practices.

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