Itential’s Intelligent Network Automation Platform – Pronghorn

Pronghorn is a multi-tier platform focused on improving network operations. Our approach is to consume APIs of southbound systems and present these capabilities to our application layer to be combined in new ways. The strength of Pronghorn lies in its ability to provide unified workflow and management capabilities across multiple southbound systems and networks. Pronghorn provides an extensible platform for management of multi-vendor/multi-technology environments.

  • The Adapter and Broker layers provide integration with southbound entities, as well as supplying important core functionality

  • The Cog layer houses business logic that is reusable across applications

  • The Application layer provides user interfaces and additional business logic not provided by Cogs

Pronghorn integration takes place via REST APIs that reside just above the Cog layer. These APIs expose the full functionality contained in the Cog layer to both Pronghorn and third party applications. Pronghorn APIs are built utilizing Open API Initiative concepts, such as Swagger, to provide an open and easy to use platform. This openness enables simplified customization and app development via our SDK.

Pre-built Itential Apps:

  • Policy Manager

  • MOP Automation

  • Gold Configuration Management

  • Service Management