MOP Automation

The Itential MOP applications support the automation of MOPs, which represent operationally intensive processes. Many Service Providers are focused on automating Service Provisioning activities, but manual MOP processes require intensive focus and attention.  MOP changes account for a substantial percentage of outage issues and represent an opportunity to reduce human related issues.

  • MOP Definition – document the Pre/Post data collection required to evaluate the success or failure of MOP changes

    • Document data collection commands – typically ‘show’ commands

    • Define success or failure based on string matching, Regex comparisons, and negative evaluations

    • Build complex logic by aggregating evaluations together

  • Workflow Definition – define Operational Processes independent of the service manipulation or network change

    • Reference Pre/Post MOP Definitions

    • Drag-and-Drop interface for building and managing MOP processes

    • Workflow Engine documents all data collected and user interaction removing the need to cut/paste into Change Management system.

  • MOP Analytics – Allows for the comparison of data collected in Pre/Post commands

    • Allows Principle Engineers to document what success or failure is defined as based on rules

    • Compares the results of data collected in Pre/Post steps in a MOP

    • Supports comparing singular data in tables and other complex text results

    • Provides results to Workflow to take corrective or roll-back actions