Anything is “PAWS”-ible When You Volunteer with Itential

by | July 18, 2019
Anything is  “PAWS”-ible When You Volunteer with Itential

At Itential, we have a passion for helping, whether that be helping customers or others. Part of the ItentiaLife includes many opportunities to give back to our local community. Last week, Itential spent some time at  PAWS Atlanta, a no-kill animal shelter in Decatur, Georgia, where our volunteers walked dogs, played with cats and helped with some landscaping projects. Our engineers even got in touch with their creative side, as they came up with a punny slogan for the welcome sign.

Shelter manager, Phillip Smith, welcomed us with a warm smile and short orientation about PAWS Atlanta and the history of the shelter. PAWS Atlanta is Georgia’s oldest no-kill animal shelter and has found homes for over 46,000 animals during the 50 years of PAWS incorporation. The shelter’s mission is “to build a community of caring, by people helping pets and pets helping people.”

PAWS Atlanta lives out its mission every day, and that was apparent to all of Itential’s volunteers. “I loved hanging out with the animals, but it was the crew’s appreciation that really made me want to come back again,” said Itentialite, Zack Strulovitch. “I’m always thankful that Itential provides us with opportunities to spend time giving back to organizations like PAWS.”

Itential will definitely be back to volunteer – some of us might even leave with new pet pals! Whether you have had a “ruff” day at the office or are looking for a doggone good time, PAWS Atlanta is a great place to help the community and connect with some amazing animals and people.

While spending time with sweet animals always brings a smile to our faces, knowing that volunteering is core to Itential’s culture keeps that smile going. We have a strong passion for helping others with both their automation and volunteering needs. For us, giving back adds a new level of meaning to working for Itential.

Kimberly Fulton

Kimberly Fulton is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Itential, where she contributes to the digital marketing strategy and leads the ItentiaLadies group for women in technology.

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