Pronghorn Developer Training – Agenda

Day 1

  • Course Overview

  • Setup training scenario

  • Pronghorn architecture review

  • NSO service models

  • Lab: Study the L3VPN NSO service model to understand its

    • keys, service instance names

    • parameters, data types, and expected or allowed values.

  • Lab: Build task to request a service dry run.

Day 2

  • Lab: Build task to view dry run.

  • Lab: Build task to save service change.

  • Brokers and Adapters

  • Lab: Build Marble Adapter

  • Lab: Build method to query inventory broker.

  • Lab: Build method to query interface capacity.

  • Lab: Build method to evaluate requested against available capacity.

  • Lab: Add new methods as workflow tasks.

  • Persistence Broker

  • Lab: Brokers

Day 3

  • Lab: Build task to initialize an order record.

  • Lab: Build task to update an order record status.

  • Lab: Add new methods as workflow tasks.

  • Lab: Build view to alert team about a job requiring attention.

  • Lab: Add new methods and views as workflow tasks.

  • Lab: System Test

  • How to build a UI to query persistence broker data and display report.

  • Lab: Retrieving Data for Application View

  • Lab: Build Reporting Application