Configuration Management

The Itential Golden Configuration Manager (GCM) is focused on the creation, modification, and management of standard network device configurations.

GCM is based on a hierarchical model that allows for the management of standard configurations based on device type, function, vendor, geographic region, etc.  Key to this capability is GCM’s ability to query the live network for current configurations and perform compliance testing against the defined standard.

  • Hierarchical Model – enables management of multiple standard configurations across a single device type based on function

  • Compliance Auditing – enables auditing of live network for compliance to defined standards

  • Compliance Reporting –  details of discrepancies and the option to resolve or ignore on a case by case basis

  • Import native config directly without the need to create templates or scripting

  • Complex rule support:

    • Leverages NSO NEDs for dynamic rule mapping

    • Negative rules

    • RegEx matching

    • Ability to live edit

Device Onboarding:

  • Standard configuration is selected based on device type, function, role, location, etc.

  • Golden Configuration is pushed to device

  • Device is stored in database for Compliance Auditing moving forward