Welcome to Itential 6.0

by | August 28, 2018
Welcome to Itential 6.0


The evolution of Itential as a company has taken many forms in the last couple of months that started out as a visual brand refresh. While it has been an exciting time to be part of the company, a lot of those changes didn’t have direct impact for our customers and how they automate their network. Today that changes!

To go along with the sizzle of a new logo, brand and website, we are proud to announce the release of Itential 6.0, the first low-code network automation solution for the modern network. I promise you, the steak is every bit as exciting as the sizzle implies…and then some.

To highlight a few of the key capabilities you will see in Itential 6.0, we are introducing:

  • Extension of our modeling support beyond YANG, to include YAML, TOSCA, and HOT/Heat templates. This allows components from those models to be exposed within Itential for use in workflows and forms. This eases integration with a new set of controllers and orchestrators on the Itential roadmap, as well as any that you happen to use that are not on that roadmap.
  • Enhanced management of devices and services through standardized configurations that also can be audited and automatically remediated, if desired. Automatic remediation is not required, allowing you to decide if the out of compliance situation found is there for a valid reason.
  • Improvements to our low-code environment to make it easier for non-developers to create powerful automations with network intelligent workflows and forms. This allows engineering and operations teams to accelerate automation of network activities by removing the need to engage development resources.
  • The introduction of a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) architecture that will provide flexibility and control over permissions within Itential 6.0 that will meet even the most complex and stringent security requirements. These apply to all federated data, workflows, jobs, devices and services managed by Itential 6.0. Need to manage multiple networks, managed by multiple roles, and each role should only see their devices? Want to do this without having to implement separate tools for each group? RBAC has you covered for that use case and more.

According to our CTO, Chris Wade, “We are entering a new era of network innovation where a modern network is needed to support and enable digital transformation. Itential’s model-centric approach is unique in its flexible and scalable low-code interface that allows for advanced logic and simplified programmability. By democratizing today’s increasingly complex networks and saving time and money in the process, Itential 6.0 is making the journey toward the modern network attainable in ways not previously possible.”

The move to the modern network is not an easy one, but with Itential 6.0 in your toolbox it certainly becomes less daunting. Read the full press release or click here learn more about Itential 6.0 .

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore served as the Director of Network Automation Strategy at Itential where he was responsible for managing the delivery of services to implement network automation for clients leveraging both Itential products and custom developed solutions before his passing in 2019.

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