Announcing Policy Manager 2.1

by | March 13, 2015
Announcing Policy Manager 2.1

Itential is pleased to announce the 2.1 release of Itential Policy Manager. Policy Manager 2.1 expands on the functionality introduced in version 1.0 as follows:

  • The ACL design canvas has been replaced with the Topology Canvas: Visualization and management of of the physical devices, groupings of devices, and logical elements such as IP Pools, including the connectivity between them
  • The Policy Canvas has been introduced as a separate UI to allow for the creation of multiple Policies over the same network topology
  • The ACL design table has been enhanced and renamed the Policy Table: Table based management of Policies and the ACL rules that make up those policies
  • Many features remain from version 1.0, with enhanced usability, such as:
    • Containers
    • Configuration File Generation
    • Configuration Deployment to the network directly
    • Sync From capability allowing the auto-generation of the Network Topology

A major design change that has been implemented in Policy Manager 2.1 is the introduction of the Itential Application Server as the platform for Itential applications. This delivers a much more robust architecture than was previously in place, and adds a layer of abstraction that will allow for integration with other partner applications in the future besides the Cisco/Tail-f NCS application. More details on the full functionality of the Itential Application Server will be forthcoming in other announcements.

A sample screen from the Policy Manager 2.1 Topology Canvas:

ACL Manager 2015-04-08 13-36-30



A sample screen from the Policy Manager 2.1 Policy Canvas:

ACL Manager 2015-04-08 13-10-59



A sample screen from the Policy Manager 2.1 Policy Management Table:

ACL Manager 2015-04-08 13-38-57



For more information, or to schedule a demo, on the Itential Policy Manager 2.1 solution, please utilize the Contact Form found here or give us a call at (404) 480-9629.



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