Introducing Itential Policy Manager 1.0

Introducing Itential Policy Manager 1.0

Configuration management is typically concerned with core device configuration, but there are many other critical components to configuration management such as the management of Access Control Lists (ACL). ACLs are typically left for engineers to wrestle with the CLI in order to manage.  Itential is happy to introduce our solution for simplifying this task, Policy Manager 1.0.  Policy Manager is an App Pack built on top of the Tail-f Network Control System (NCS) in order to provide the following capabilities:

  • ACL design canvas: Visualization and management of ACL rules
  • ACL design table: Table based management of ACL rules
  • Custom Services: Management of custom source/destination services to be applied with ACL rules
  • Containers: Simplification of ACL rule management by logically grouping hosts into a container object that allows application of rules against all hosts within that container
  • ACL Deployment: Ability to create, modify existing, and remove ACLs that have been deployed within the network. Additionally, configuration files can be exported for deployment via other systems

Leveraging the orchestration functions of the NCS provides the ACL Deployment capability of Policy Manager 1.0.


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