Announcing the Itential Pronghorn Application Server

By March 2, 2015Blog

In today’s ever evolving networking world it is important to have consistent management tools in place that are capable of vendor agnostic support of the dynamic environment being created.  It is because of this that Itential is pleased to announce the introduction of the Pronghorn Application Server.

The Pronghorn Application Server is a multi-tiered platform consisting of the following:

  • Adapter Bridge – for communicating with vendor supplied and open source applications
  • Cog Layer – for defined business logic exposed via REST APIs to applications that are built upon the SDN Application Server
  • View Layer – for presentation and User Interface exposure, as well as customizable business logic more suited outside of a Cog

The Pronghorn Application server is designed to be:

  • Flexible, to work with any vendor applications
  • Extensible, to allow for expansion of the core functionality contained in the Cogs
  • Integratable, to allow for East/West integration with other platforms as well as other applications via the REST APIs
  • Powerful, giving a common user portal for management of things such as Policy Management, Gold Standard Configuration Management, MOP Automation, Service Provisioning, and other custom developed applications based on customer need

Check out the Solution Page here, or contact us for more information!