MOP Automation

The MOP Automation App provides capabilities for defining operational automations that typically are highly manual activities for most service providers, such as: migrations and grooming tasks, software upgrades, etc. The key functionality for MOP Automation includes:

  • Pre-built workflow tasks for common MOP activities
  • Ability to construct custom workflow tasks as needed
  • Pre/Post Check functionality to allow for comparison of network state before and after MOP activity
  • MOP Analytics of the Pre/Post Check data to determine MOP success, including configurable thresholds that define success/failure
  • Ability to insert manual AND automated tasks into the workflow
  • Workflow functionality that accounts for “Happy Path” and task failure scenarios, routing appropriately for remediation of failed tasks either automatically or manually based on the issue encountered

Golden Configuration Management

The Golden Configuration Management application provides for the creation and maintenance of configurations, as well as provides the capability to audit devices for adherence to defined Gold Config standards. The key functions include:

  • Hierarchical Definition of Gold Standard Configurations that allows definition of specific snippets of the config varied by:
    • Geography
    • Device Role
    • Device Type
    • Market
    • Custom, as you need in your specific use case
  • Ability to View and Edit Standard Configurations
    • Import of raw config and conversion to a model-based format
    • Define default values for config attributes
    • Define dis-allowed values for config attributes
  • Compliance Auditing for adherence to standards

Service Management

The  Service Management App provides the following capabilities:

  • Dynamically generated forms based on Service Model
  • User entry of required information at provisioning
  • Definition of default values and the ability to change those as needed
  • Integration with Workflow Manager to complete this task in a defined process flow

Policy Management

The Itential Policy Manager provides capabilities for managing Network Policies for Access Control Lists, Firewalls, and other areas based on your needs. The key functionality for managing Policy includes:

  • Graphical Network Topology Management
  • Graphical Policy Management
  • Table-based Policy Management
  • Ability to Import Network Policy Configuration Files
  • Ability to modify Policy via:
    • Table
    • Graphical Interface
    • Configuration File
  • Generation of Policy Configuration Files for Loading via Third Party Tools
  • Direct Loading of Policy Configurations to Network Device(s)